Thursday, March 1, 2007


Pasalymany Tapes No. 11

Cassette reissue of self released cdr. comes with an extra jam recorded live at la sala rossa in 2006 by NKS. Ultra crude hypno-style drums and groove box electronics. A constant flow of muddy water. Don't bother trying to reach in though. Only bad shit will happen. If you're lucky and you're down with astral projections, you might meet these ladies in the other dimension they normally hang out in, sipping tea n' sake and talking about their favourite dance records. Xeroxed artwork, insert, and labels. Hand stamped. Numbered edition of 100.

METIS YETI "Dear Despair"
Pasalymany Tapes No. 12

Completely isolated and fully deranged. Weathered blasts of feedback and digital rumble. Recorded live to cassette in Verdun. Tortured screams and unrelenting microphone violence... most likely as a direct result from spending too many nights spent getting lost in the Douglas Hospital fields. Shit can really make a man turn on himself. Xeroxed artwork on coloured paper. Xeroxed insert and labels. Hand stamped. Numbered edition of 100.

ALTAR OF FLIES "Bored & Lonely (a long way from home)"
Pasalymany Tapes No. 14

Electronic reverberations. Pounding metallic crashes. Sonic wails calling for the end of something we're not sure of just yet. Keep listening as all hope for a better tomorrow quickly crumbles into a venomous pile of tape hiss and radio transmissions from the planet we used to call earth. We're truly fucked. Colour photocopied artwork by Sarah Taylor. Photocopied insert. Spray painted cassettes. Hand stamped and numbered edition of 100.

Pasalymany Tapes No. 15/CRICXKETS No. 2

Two spiritual brothers. Recorded live on Quebec City radio. Full blown sax, free drums and voices preaching in a language none of us have ever heard before. Heard the pet store nearby had a problem with their cages, some birds got loose and nested in the studio. Brothers didn't mind, they're real "earth people," right, they felt at home hangin' with their feathered friends. Twenty minutes deep and it's definitely not enough. Co-released with cricxkets recordings. Photocopied artwork pasted on card stock jackets. A real bootleg feel. Numbered edition of 100.

COUSINS OF REGGAE "We Have the Same Last Name"
Pasalymany Tapes No. 16

Live recording of the Cuzzins playin' a gig in January that the dudes didn't even know about until the day of. Think they blamed it on "not gettin' the email" at the time but thats because they'd been hangin' in the Swamp, day and night, working on perfecting their graffiti skills. with a little help from the SSkulls bros, the Cuzzins packed up their gear, walked across the street with it on their backs, set up, and jammed one for the ages. Thirty-six minutes split into two tracks. one, has Hargreaves on guitar and Thurston on drums. Two, is the opposite. Some people just don't understand the cousins of reggae... let's be glad that we're not them. Spray painted card stock jackets. Photocopied artwork. Hand stamped cdrs. Numbered edition of 45.